financial services marketing

Compared to other sector, the firms that offer financial services create more number of direct marketing and mail annually. Since the quality of creativity is very poor in financial services marketing most of the time, consider the following:

1. Be ready with your backup if you create a contention. You must have proof such as recognitions, reviews coming from different sources and the outcome of past years’ investment.

2. Your creative job must be formal and sincere. This would earn the people’s trust to let you handle their finances. However, avoid being too technical.

3. Remain pertinent. More than the attractive yet irrelevant photos or illustrations, make sure to create pertinent message as well, to be remembered by people.

4. Offer a free consultation. This would showcase your expertise and make the people believe that you are very knowledgeable about your field.

5. Provide them some benefits. Give them something that will make you stand out from other rivals.

6. Provide a different selling plan. As most financial companies give quite the same offers, think and provide something that they do not provide. Give people a better type of service, a better price, a better image, and wider and knowledgeable experience among others. The moment your message has reached them and caught their interest to become your potential clients, they will then feel the need to communicate with you by visiting your office or making a call, which they got from an advertisement. From here, it is important to handle their questions with efficiency.

7. Look for a profitable market. Selling alone is not enough in financial services marketing

8. You also need to concentrate on a single market where you can make products for it in order to enhance your drawing power.

9. Avoid appearing like an advertisement. You can perform outstanding financial marketing services without appearing like an advertisement of direct email.

How would you improve your way of dealing with?

1. Communicate through brochures. This would clearly explain the services that you offer and the reasons why you are a better choice. Other than the compliment slip, include a letter as well.

2. Reply to all questions immediately. A first class reply package may cost you a little, but it will also help you in giving an impression to your clients that you value them that much.

3. Attach your business card. They will be aware of who the sender was and prompt them as well to communicate.

4. Make your letter appear personal. Give a thorough explanation of the nature of your services to be signed by your company’s senior member in order to impress the clients as this would make them feel valuable to you.

5. Inform them of the payment scheme. Honesty and openness can build trust.

6. Give them additional free information. This would be very helpful, but try not to give something too long.

Also, make sure to give emphasis on experience. It’s like giving a good reason why you should be the one to assist them. Provide them with specialized services that that can be personalized according to their finances. Lastly, point out environmental or ethical practices. This will help a financial marketing service to prevent the image of being dishonest.